Training on Traditional Bamboo shoots processing and preservation

Date of Training – 27th october to 31st October 2020.



The training on Making Pickles was organised by Amri Helping Hands Society which is Supported by CBTC cane and bamboo technology centre, under North Eastern Council, Ministry of DoNer Govt. of India. 

The training was Facilitated by Mr Pranjal Goswami from 27th Oct to 31 Oct 2020 for the staff of Traditional Bamboo shoot Processing and Preservation Unit centre, in Vo – Arplaklangso, Umrongso, Dima Hasao, District of Assam. 

Our trainer started the training by explaining the theory of ingredients, and spices needed for making pickles through demonstration of making a several pickles like bamboo shoot with king chilly, plain bamboo shoot, Mixed pickles, ginger garlic and bamboo shoot pickles etc. The staff member also involved in learning from the training. 

During the training the Staff Member also learned the names of the ingredients, and things which is needed to make for pickles. 

Outcomes of the Training. 

During the Training session the staff member had learned a several types and process on how to make a pickles. The staff member also clarify their doubt by asking question on the doubt they had. During the training the whole team also learn the method of maintaining hygiene, and using of the dress code given by the organisation.


It was great experience and a new learning for the Bamboo shoot processing and preservation unit, staff of Umrongso. During the training the staff member had a great time with the trainer Mr Pranjal Goswami. These training will help the staff to carry forward in processing and preservation of bamboo shoot pickles in future.


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