One Day Awareness Program on Ericulture

AMRI HELPING HANDS SOCIETY has organised a ONE DAY AWARENESS PROGRAM ON ERICULTURE ON Rearing Silkworm through scientific methods, hands of demonstration of motorised eri spinning machine in collaboration with Deptt of Sericulture, West Karbi Anglong .

Sir Francis Timung, Supdt. Of Sericulture of WKA, Sir Longki Timung, Inspector of Sericulture, Diphu, KA, Sir Mongolsing Rongpi, Inspector of Sericulture, Umpanai (Hamren), Mr Kamal Ch Mudoi, Manager, ESG Umswai, Manoranhan Bhatta, Asst. Manager, ESG Umswai, Madam Marylyn Madar, Principal Green Valley Academy. Sericulture Demonstartor Mr Romesh Rongpi, Madam Rakhi Tissopi, Mr Kenedy Engleng, Mr Semson Engti, Mr Jayanta Deka, SD were also present in the event.

Sir Longki Timung, Inspector of Sericulture, Diphu, KA and his team tried their best to let people know about the potentiality of rearing various species of silkworm such as eri, muga, Tasar, mulberry which in turn feed on various types of food plants and encourage young entrepreneurs to take up this livelihood opportunity.

To encourage our eri spinners and weavers Sir Francis Timung, Supdt. Of Sericulture of WKA presented 2 motorised eri spinning machine. Under his leadership we conducted this awareness program successfully with 150 participants on 30th December, 2019 at Amkhalam Village, Umswai, Amri Block, West Karbi Anglong.

We are thankful to Deptt. Of Sericulture & AHHS team for making this event a grand success.

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